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  1. i think this is great, a story on Dorothy Thompson’s life could help to spread the word on what’s really going on with the crisis in Palestine i only wish more directors would get involved to help spread the word i think the tax payers need to know the real terrorism that we all support with our tax dollars. thank you i look forward to this documentary.

  2. Hello Friends,
    Anyone there? Is this project still alive? What happened? Were you silenced? What next steps, if any, are suggested to help move the project forward? I’d love any update you can provide, especially for Dorothy’s descendants (myself-Betsy Reeves; Margaret Reeves, Peter Reeves; John-Paul Sinclair Lewis; Gregory Lewis). Thank you.

    p.s. did you ever send out T-shirts and/ or DVD’s to ‘donors’?

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  5. I just read the book by Alison Weir, ‘Against their better judgement.’ My question to you all is how do you plan to get away from the character and personal destruction of zionism once this film comes out? What is your main reason for doing a film on Thompson at such late a date? Aren’t there other people alive that can be in your films? I have to say that I am impressed at Thompson’s career and doings, but as you know, today’s young people don’t care at all about the 20th century. I am a world history buff and I find few people who give a darn about history and how it explains our present and future. I’m sure you know that’s true. People in the US demand safe and comfortable environments in which to live. The truth of Thompson, zionism, the federal reserve, the rothschilds and their one-world gov. is all true. But people don’t care enough except to say ‘stupidity.’ Nobody cares except a few truthers. And we don’t have leaders necessary to mount a campaign of the truthers, nor the cash. Or, is there a leader among us in spite of my sayings? Everybody can lose their jobs for voicing the truth these days. So, you’re not afraid of losing your jobs or are you telling half-truths to make cash in your film? Until I know your true motives, you’ll get no money from me because I’m a business major and I know the way things work to raise funds. None of us get to do what is right, though I wish it were not so. What is necessary in this ending millennium is to eat, clothe, and survive.

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